A partnership between Homelessness NSW,
Domestic Violence NSW and Yfoundations

The Industry Partnership

The Industry Partnership is a collaboration between the three peak bodies for Specialist Homelessness Services (SHSs) – Domestic Violence NSW, Yfoundations and Homelessness NSW. 

Through the Industry Partnership, the peak bodies are providing a range of support services to the SHS sector during 2014-16, following the NSW Government’s announcements of SHS tender results and associated initiatives in June 2014. 

The IP receives assistance in funding and governance participation from the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS).

The projects within the SDP are:

A. Initial Quality Assessment  
B. SHS Standard 1: Client rights  
C. SHS Standard 2: Service access, design and delivery  
D. SHS Standard 3: Client participation  
E. SHS Standard 4: Service quality  
F. SHS Standard 5: Linkages  
G. SHS Standard 6: Governance  
H. SHS Standards 7 and 8: Management  
I. Cultural competency  
J. Outcomes  
K. Sector Development Strategy and Workforce Development Plan Development  

Nearly half of SHS packages are being delivered through joint working arrangements (JWAs). The focus of the IP work to date has been to provide immediate assistance to organisations wishing to strengthen their JWAs, seeking quality advice, and determining their future. Tailored assistance is available for organisations within a JWA and organisations who would like assistance are encouraged to contact the IP team to determine what can be provided.   
Please look out for the relevant training sessions available in your area and we encourage all services to attend and use the available resources. All services are provided free of charge. 
For more information, contact the IP team: 
Phone: 02 8354 7620
Email: rochelleb@shssectordev.org.au; project@shssectordev.org.au