A partnership between Homelessness NSW,
Domestic Violence NSW and Yfoundations

Completed projects

Partnership Masterclasses

The Industry Partnership ran Partnership Masterclasses to support joint working within the SHS sector and between SHS and other organisations that work with homelessness. The classes were held in locations around NSW. 

Business Advice Service for current SHS and NPAH organisations that were unsuccessful in the GHSH tender process

From July 2014, the Sector Development Project provided up to three days of Business Advice to eligible homelessness support providers who did not receive ongoing SHS funding. 

Managing transitions workshops

Commencing in June 2014, half day workshops were held in each FACS District to work with SHS organisations (sole or lead/partners) that had been successful in gaining SHS tender packages, to manage the transition to the new service delivery model. The workshops focused on practical actions to address many transition issues, such as clients, properties, governance arrangements, financial and performance reporting, that organisations need to consider in delivering their new service from 1 November 2014.

Workforce Development Plan trial projects

In December 2013 the SHS Workforce Alliance identified six priorities in the development of the SHS workforce in light of GHSH. Trial projects for each of these priorities were conducted during 2014 to assist agencies who participated and inform ongoing support by the Sector Development Project. 

Project One - Orientation to Going Home Staying Home (GHSH)

This project provided information packages and strategies to assist staff to develop new skills and equip them to respond to changes in work practices required by GHSH reforms. Training workshops for managers and practitioners were conducted by FACS Learning & Development since December 2014. 

Please contact project@shssectordev.org.au for more information on this project.

Project Two - Change Management

In the context of GHSH and the new SHS service packages, leadership and change management are crucial issues for all workers in the homelessness support sector. During the first half of 2014 workshops in change management and leadership were conducted to deliver a focused skill-set to managers who were anticipating the challenges in establishing new services. 

Please see the Change Management Evaluation Report for more information.

Project Three - Joint Working Agreements (JWAs)

The GHSH tender process resulted in the funding of a significant number of services to be delivered by Joint Working Agreements. JWAs are a new service model for homelessness services in NSW, involving a Lead Agency, which is contracted by FACS, working with a number of partnerships developed for the tender proposal. The Sector Development Project has established a SHS Lead Agent Network and is identifiying additional resources and strategies to support JWA partners.

Please contact project@shssectordev.org.au for more information on this project. 

Project Four - Fast Tracking the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

The Sector Development Project commissioned the Community Services Faculty of the South Western Sydney Institute of TAFE to develop and deliver a fast-track assessment process for the Certificate IV or Diploma in Community Services Work (CHC40708 and CHC50612). An important component of this assessment for SHS workers is a skills "passport", listing existing skills. The project realises a strength-based approach to workforce development. Over 250 people applied for the RPL trial project and group of 29 who lived or worked in the Sydney area were selected. The project was extremely effective, achieving a 100% completion rate. 

Please see the RPL Evaluation Report for more information.

Project Five - Senior Practitioner Role for SHS organisations

A literature review of research into the effectiveness of the homelessness workforce identified issues that impede the SHS sector’s ability to recruit and retain high calibre workers. Key issues were the lack of a clear career pathway opportunities and the lack of a specific qualification for those working in the sector. A unique role of "Senior Practitioner" was identified as a method of addressing these issues and this project focused on investigating the role's

  • feasibility 
  • approach and methodology
  • challenges
  • scope and responsibilities. 

To review the outcome of this project see A guide to developing and implementing a senior practitioner role in SHS organisations.

Project Six - Staff Exchange between SHS and FACs

FACS, as the SHS funding body, is committed to providing career development opportunities for SHS staff and assisting managers to fill short term vacancies with experienced staff. Providing career development opportunities supports the goal of attracting, developing and retaining high quality staff. This project developed and trialled an exchange program between SHS agencies and FACS for its potential for innovative work practices that can support staff in times of reform. 

Click here to access the Feasibility Study of a staff exchange program between SHS and FACS Homelessness Workforce.