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SHS QAS Process

Standards mapping​

If you have other external accreditations you will receive recognition where duplication has been identified.


SHS QAS Process - 7 steps to your Quality Action Plan

Access to the SPP and MSO Portals

Organising your collection of evidence

GSA Assessor Process

Quality Action Plan

You have ASES Certification


1.  Portal Access Application Form

2.  SHS Quality Standards Guided Self-Assessment Application Form  (Funding for assessor)

3.  Guided Self-Assessment Assessor Agreement

4.  Financial Assistance for the QAP (For implementation of the Quality Action Plan)

​Important Deadlines:

Self Assessment

By now most services have commenced their self assessment against the SHS Standards, in keeping with the FaCS deadline of Oct 31 2016.

Guided Self Assessment

After Self Assessment via the portal or workbook, if your service is not 100% compliant with the SHS standards, you could consider organising for a Guided Self Assessment.


1.      Select an external Assessor/Reviewer from the list on the SHS Sector Development Project website or select your own.

2.       Submit an Application Form for funding for a Guided Self Assessment to Homelessness NSW.

3.       Have the Assessor submit an Assessor Agreement to Homelessness NSW

4.       Coordinate with the Assessor so they may conduct a Guided Self Assessment of your service.

5.      The Assessor must submit a Completion Form along with their invoice so that the IP can process payment by the deadline Feb 28 2017.

Quality Action Plan

Services which do not yet meet all the SHS Standards can develop and implement a Quality Action Plan (QAP) to address areas for improvement.


1.       Draft a Quality Action Plan informed by your Assessor’s Report (if your service has opted for a GSA).

2.       Consider who you will engage to conduct the work - hire a consultant or engage internal staff?

3.       Complete the QAP Financial Assistance form and submit it to project@shssectordev.org.au and await confirmation of approval.

4.       Send any invoices for implementation of Quality Action Plans to Homelessness NSW by 31 May 2017.

Compliance with SHS Standards

All SHS providers should be fully compliant with the SHS standards by 30 June 2017.


Please note that there is a limited pool of funds available to support GSAs and Quality Action Plans. While the Industry Partnership is endeavouring to provide financial assistance to as many services as require it to reach compliance, we acknowledge that some services may not be successful in receiving funding. We would like to point out that FACS does not require services to undertake a GSA or Quality Action Plan in order reach compliance. Rather, the Industry Partnership has identified these as helpful steps in the process. The QAS process is ultimately a self-assessment process.