A partnership between Homelessness NSW,
Domestic Violence NSW and Yfoundations

SHS service access, design and delivery projects

The SHS Service Delivery Project is aimed at agencies that successfully tendered for a GHSH service package.

The project supports these agencies in the delivery of new service models and to grow collaborative partnerships with mainstream health services.
The project particularly focuses on target group specialisation:
  • people leaving institutional settings
  • young people leaving care
  • rough sleepers
  • women and children escaping family and domestic violence.
The project will also monitor the impacts on the homelessness sector of the GHSH reform.
Each of the three homelessness peak bodies have employed a Project Officer to deliver the project, and coordinate and liaise with each other to ensure the best support is provided to agencies.
To find out more about how the SHS Service Delivery Project, please contact the peak body relevant to your service:
Youth services: Yfoundations
Project Officer: Kiera Tallon
Email: kiera@yfoundations.org.au  | Phone: 02 8306 7909
DV services: DV NSW
Project Officer: Emily Goldsmith
Email: emily@dvnsw.org.au | Phone: 02 9698 9777
Adult services: Homelessness NSW
Project Officer: Dougie Wells
Email: dougie@homelessnessnsw.org.au | Phone: 02 8354 7603
NB: Some services may be working with a mixture of specialist groups. However, the three project officers will operate a “No Wrong Door” approach to service requests. Consequently, a response to your request may come from a peak body to which you did not originally make your request.