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Tendering Tools

Tender development

This Resource Guide[1] has been developed in response to requests by SHS providers for support around tender development.

The document contains the following tools to assist organisations in their decision-making around tenders and preparation:

1.       An assessment checklist – tender capacity: a checklist to assess how the organisation is meeting and developing its capacity to tender, and to plan additional actions to address gaps in capacity. The checklist can be used at staff meetings.

2.       An assessment checklist – tender feasibility: a checklist to assess whether the funding and associated program is suitable for the organisation.

3.       10 Tips for reading call for funding or tender guidelines: guidance on extracting the relevant information from guidelines

4.       Funding body expectations: guidance as to what the funding body expects

5.       Drafting a proposal: elements to include in your tender or funding application

6.       Log frame, time frame and budget


[1] This Resource Guide has been adapted from a training resource on tender development, produced by Rochelle Braaf.