A partnership between Homelessness NSW,
Domestic Violence NSW and Yfoundations

Partnership - Northern Sydney Homelessness Interagency

Excellence in Ending Homelessness - Adults Nominee

Partnership - Northern Sydney Homelessness Interagency between Mission Australia Lower North Shore Northern Beaches, North Shore Police Area Command (Police), NSW Housing, The Northern Centre, The North Sydney Council, Willoughby Council, Northern Beaches Council, Lane Cove Council, Ryde Council, Mental Health Unit, Royal North Shore Hospital, Northern Beaches Family Support Service, CCNB, Sydney North Shore and Beaches Partners in Recovery, Ryde Family Services, Manly Drug Education Centre, Northern Area Health, Community Northern Beaches, Northern Sydney Primary Health Network and St. George Housing

Please give your reasons for nominating this partnership.

Initially the aim of this group was to work with a minimum of 10 chronically homeless single clients referred by Chatswood Police or Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH). The group has been meeting for three years now. Since the groups beginning there have been a number of outreach clinics targeting rough sleepers. On average there is 2 people housed within 2 weeks after each clinic. 
Members of the group are committed to enhancing strategies and processes used in working with clients who experience chronic homelessness. The group’s goal is to operate at a level where, through early intervention people do not become homeless but at an operational level people spend no more than seven days homeless once our group becomes involved.
The group continues to strengthen interagency relationships with an overall goal to use a ‘housing first approach’ with support to assist people at risk of homelessness or, already homelessness. The group Identifies hotspot locations or individuals who can benefit from a coordinated person centred approach with minimal bureaucratic barriers.
The group uses a collective span of influence and networks to raise awareness of how easy it is to become homelessness and how housing affordability is inexorably linked to homelessness.  As a result this creates pathways for new housing in social and affordable categories – temporary/transitional)
The group establishes an awareness lobby for accountability across councils and state government for social housing strategies such as Inclusionary Zoning and accountability across government. Agencies and NGOs work together to achieve a functional zero outcome for homelessness in our areas of operation.  The group has also lobbied government for change.

What outcomes were delivered as a result of this partnership?

On average there are 2 people provided with housing after each outreach clinic. There has been no data captured on how many individuals or families have been supported since the meeting begun.

Reference statement:

Alison Waite

I am absolutely in support of this nomination.\ Allan has been unswerving in his determination to assist anyone who is homeless in our district and has personally intervened on my behalf (Mental Health) to NSW Housing which resulted in a homeless person in hospital receiving accomm on discharge.