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Organisation - Tamworth Family Support Services

Excellence in Ending Homelessness - Adults Nominee

Organisation - Tamworth Family Support Services

Please give your reasons for nominating this organisation.

Tamworth Family Support Service (TFSS) is an organisation that continually will look at or develop new practices that will assist clients meet their goals. TFSS has developed a 20 hours per week colocation model with FaCS Housing within Tamworth (crisis and Case management support) and fulltime in  Narrabri (early intervention 12-18year old in Narrabri)  to better meet the needs of those seeking assistance.  This has lead to supports being in place quicker and stronger outcomes occurring when collaboration between the 2 organisations is required. TFSS has developed a partnership with Homes North Community Housing to streamline all process ensuring timely assistance. This partnership will see the colocation continue when Homes North take on the management of FaCS housing stock for the New England Region.
TFSS has also developed strong relationships with multiple real estate agencies and the tribunal to help reduce those being evicted and also new tenancies being created for our clients. This includes being present at tribunal for all residential property sitting days.
TFSS also operates a suite of programs across the Family Support, Child Protection and Domestic Violence sectors. These resources (non crisis) are integrated through a weekly case allocation meeting to ensure that each individual client has access to all the appropriate supports to meet their needs and identify areas where further support can be sought.

What outcomes were delivered as a result of this organisation?

The organisation has been able to deliver services to meet client needs to a high standard to a higher number of clients. The number of people receiving assistance at an earlier stage therefor reducing trauma and associated issues is higher. The processes and partnerships in place has lead to a greater number of people receiving appropriate supports to further issues in a minimal timeframe with the clients story not having to be repeated on multiple occasions.

Reference statement:

Maree McKenzie

Tamworth Family Support Service (TFSS) provide a comprehensive range of integrated family support services across the New England North West region of NSW. The services range across children’s, family support and homelessness services.
It is this breadth of service that contributes greatly to TFSS’s effective service provision.  Their family networks are now intergenerational with families across multiple services areas. Their ability to network across the service delivery sector and to work with the full range of service providers provides the best possible outcomes for clients.
Homes North have had a close association with TFSS for many years and in particular with their Specialist Homelessness Services.  During the course of our close collaborative working relationship we have found that TFSS’s ability to identify client vulnerabilities early has most often led to the prevention of homelessness and the maintenance of tenancies. In other cases where intervention has been unavoidable, be it through family violence, family breakdown or other life circumstances, TFSS’s ability to intervene and move clients from crisis to long term accommodation in collaboration with Homes North is seamless.
An example of recent collaboration has been TFSS’s homelessness services manager providing client centred practice training to HN staff and Homes North providing the whole New England North West region’s SHS services with training in the implementation of the Aboriginal Cultural Competency Standards for Community Housing Providers.
With Homes North’s successful bid for the Social Housing Management Transfer, Homes North and TFSS plan to co-locate  offices in Tamworth to enable even closer client centred collaboration.