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Program - South Western Sydney Early Intervention and Tenancy Support Services at Mission Australia and Housing NSW

Excellence in Ending Homelessness - Adults Nominee

Program - South Western Sydney Early Intervention and Tenancy Support Services at Mission Australia and Housing NSW

Please give your reasons for nominating this program.

We took on the TA Triage project in October 2014 after the GHSH reform, this project is in conjunction with Mission Australia and at the time Liverpool HNSW, when we first took the project on we were asked to deliver a half day from the Liverpool Office, we have now expanded the project to one and a half days from Liverpool Office and are now delivering the project two half days from Bankstown HNSW and a half day at Campbelltown HNSW.  We have assisted in the three year period 896 clients to move out of temporary accommodation to private rental, social housing, supported accommodation etc.  We provide a full assessment, we advocate on behalf of clients to stay in temporary accommodation whilst making referrals to other support services that the client needs, develop exit plans with HNSW, our service and the client to get positive outcomes.  Assisting clients to navigate the Housing process and what products they are entitled to, how to apply for private rental, assisting clients to meet their terms and conditions so they don't become homeless.

What outcomes were delivered as a result of this program?

Outcomes include: clients approved for priority housing, as well as through developing strong networks were able to get clients fast tracked into supported accommodation, crisis accommodation, transitional housing, approved for private rental through our Real Estate Engagement Projects - strong relationships with Real Estate Agents.  Clients approved for start safely and private rental subsidy.  Clients referred to AOD programs, financial counselling and gambling counselling etc. to lessen the chances of facing homelessness again.

Reference statement:

Karen Robinson

Liverpool Triage has been in operation since 2013, based in FACS - Housing office at Liverpool,  Mission Australia staff provide outstanding support to our homeless clients. Many of the clients presenting at this office are long term chronic homeless clients with multiple support needs and complexities living on the streets. Mission Australia complete detailed assessments in our office, set realistic goals in collaboration with housing staff and using their networks,  are able to place clients in refuges or transitional housing. Given the volume of homeless clients presenting at this office, housing staff have limited time and resources to provide the support and referrals that these clients require. With Mission Australia intensive involvement we have been able to house and stabilise a number of clients who have been chronically homeless, living on the streets without supports. Their capacity to build rapport with clients, visiting them at the Motels  and go above and beyond has been invaluable and ensured the best possible outcomes.