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Organisation - Bungree Aboriginal Association

Excellence in Ending Homelessness - Children and Families Nominee

Organisation - Bungree Aboriginal Association

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Bungree Aboriginal Association has a Specialist Homelessness Service program that provides culturally appropriate Casework management and advocacy for Aboriginal Clients on the Central Coast. We service people who have high and complex needs who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. We service rough sleepers, couch surfers, emergency accommodation, transitional accommodation, domestic violence victims and children and clients who may need intense caseworker support to save a tenancy. Bungree Aboriginal Association are the only specific Aboriginal Specialist Homelessness Service that provides casework management to the Aboriginal people and families on the Central Coast.
We advocate on our clients behalves with a cohort of professional services. Thus providing early intervention, intense support, case management and outreach to address families whose tenancy's are at risk of homelessness. Or families or individuals who are homeless. We work holistically and are committed to our community. We work on a case by case basis and assess and make informed decisions accordingly.  We actively seek positive outcomes for all of our clients.
We have a team of 5 SHS Caseworkers which consists of a team leader and four Specialist Homelessness Caseworkers. 
We take on clients the following ways
• Self-referral
• Various government agencies
• Various non-government organisations.

What outcomes were delivered as a result of this organisation?

This client was recently released from incarceration. Homeless and residing in his vehicle. At first he was homeless by himself and then subsequently came into the sole care of his two teenage daughters, this exacerbated his need for accommodation and the need to access support services within the Central Coast Region. He attended a Homelessness connect day where he requested our services for support for himself and his two girls.
Bungree SHS team took on his referral and provided him with a transitional property, for himself and his daughters. Bungree advocated for the client and his family to get a stable home for the client and his daughters. The caseworker worked closely with the client and his girls to achieve the positive end result, which was for the client to be offered and accept a Social Housing property.  Bungree was able to advocate for Brokerage which gave the client and his daughter’s essential items to move into their home. The client were also referred to relevant services within Bungree organisation and other organisations that could assist ongoing with the families immediate support needs.

Reference statement:

Suzanne Naden

I support and advocate this great team within the Bungree Organisation. The team works tirelessly to provide positive outcomes to Aboriginal families in Homelessness crisis on the Central Coast.