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Organisation - Jewish House

Excellence in Ending Homelessness - Diverse Groups Nominee

Organisation - Jewish House

Please give your reasons for nominating this organisation.

We are nominating Jewish House for this awards as after 35 years of working in the homelessness arena, we are passionate as an organisation to try and end homelessness in Sydney and wider NSW. We believe that it is something worth aspiring to, and that if we follow examples of programs that have been tried and tested,and if we remain steadfast and focused on the end goal, it is not an impossibility. We have faith that we can make a significant dent in the homelessness numbers if our programs and methods are adopted by government who are very supportive, NSW housing, with whom we already work with and other agencies dealing with Homelessness and housing.

What outcomes were delivered as a result of this organisation?

We have avidly collected the data relating to our outcomes and statistics have been recorded religiously. In the attach reports
1.2017 Ending Homelessness report
2. Jewish house Crisis Accommodation Program/Preliminary results
3. 2017 Annual Report - Reaching Out and Transforming Lives
We have highlighted our data of outcomes and descriptive statistics in these reports and it becomes evident on reading these documents how successful we have been and what difference we have made in our clients lives.

Reference statement:

Bruce Notley, Smith MP

The ethos of Jewish House is that the highest form of charity is placing a person in a position where they will not need charity. This means help them find work, housing them,finding appropriate schools and caregivers for the children and generally keeping in touch with them after they have left the immediate care of Jewish House.