A partnership between Homelessness NSW,
Domestic Violence NSW and Yfoundations

Excellence in ending homelessness - young people

Excellence in ending homelessness - young people

This award recognises programs, partnerships, organisations and individuals that have made an outstanding contribution to ending homelessness in NSW for young people.

Program - Assertive Outreach Teen Pilot Program at Platform Youth Services

Program - Broken Hill Young Peoples Homelessness and Housing Support Service​ at Mission Australia


This service excelled in providing a continuum of services to young people in the Far West, through a range of methods focussing on collaborative interagency early intervention and prevention initiatives delivered within the schools and community. A great example is the Wellbeing Days that are delivered at each school increasing student’s awareness of healthy/unhealthy relationships.

Program - Canterbury Bankstown Youth Services at Mission Australia

Organisation - Coast Shelter

Program - Connecting Home Youth Program at Social Futures

Program - Doorways to Independence at Uniting

Program - Friday Lunches and Feel Good Nights at Phoenix House Youth Services

Organisation - Launchpad Youth Community

Program - Sleep in Your Car Event at Platform Youth Services

Partnership - Sydney Youth Homelessness Hub between Launchpad Youth Community, The Noffs Foundation and Weave Youth and Community Services

Organisation - Taldumande Youth Services

Partnership - The Glue Factory Blue Mountains between Platform Youth Services and the Mountains Youth Services Team

Partnership - The Glue Factory Penrith (Transitional Housing Project) between Platform Youth Services and Mission Australia

Program - To The Core at Street University, CORE Community Services