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Organisation - Launchpad Youth Community

Excellence in Ending Homelessness - Young People Nominee

Organisation - Launchpad Youth Community

Please give your reasons for nominating this organisation.

Launchpad is committed to preventing youth homelessness.  We do this by building the capacity of young people to fully participate and engage in their local communities. We do our work in partnership with like- minded community organisations, government services and local businesses.  Together we aim to empower young people and their families to successfully achieve independence.

One of the strengths of Launchpad is the brokerage program that assists young people with funds that can be used for a range of areas such as the basics such as food vouchers to establishing households, and to cover the costs of vocational and educational training. These funds are distributed via our partnerships with 23 other city based youth, health and homelessness services.

Launchpad participates in the Assertive Outreach coordinated by FACS and the City of Sydney this has resulted in Launchpad being funded for an Assertive Outreach position enabling Launchpad to achieve extraordinary outcomes with some of the city’s most vulnerable rough sleepers.

In addition to managing clients in up to 70 properties provided by CHP, Launchpad continues to champion shared living arrangements and the shared private rental subsidy. Endeavours to engage real estate agents has paid off with a number of businesses proactively looking for and securing suitable properties for our clients.

What outcomes were delivered as a result of this organisation?

Launchpad Youth Community is the lead agency on two SHS packages; The Sydney District Young Parents Program, is a partnership with Good Shepherd and YWCA. The Sydney Youth Homelessness Hub is a partnership with WEAVE Youth Services and the Ted Noffs Foundation.

In 2016-17 there were 743 young persons with current support periods, serviced by the Sydney Youth Homelessness Hub and 434 of these were new clients. There were 315 young parents and their dependants with a current support period in the Sydney District Young Parents Program.  40.5% of the SYHH and 49.8 % of the SYPP clients are from an Aboriginal background. This indicates a high level of cultural competence and an ability to cultivate networks in the Aboriginal community.

In addition to these programs Launchpad administers a Brokerage Fund accessed by 23 inner city agencies. 480 young people received supports through the fund in 2016-17. 126 of these applicants were assisted to exit homelessness in the period.

Reference statement:

Cecilia Correy

As the Young Parent Social Worker at Royal Prince Alfred  Hospital I feel so reassured when referring to  launch Pad caseworkers that my clients will get professional and trauma sensitive support. I cannot praise the Launch Pad Caseworkers enough.  The young parent client group often have significant co-morbidities; they often have trauma histories including sexual assault and childhood abuse. They may be homelessness or at significant risk of homelessness and have experienced family or domestic violence. They may have drug health issues and Juvenile Justice involvement. Often they have previous FACS involvement as children and also due to these psychosocial factors they may have current FACS involvement in their pregnancy and for the babies. Launch pad  have  a strong ability to engage young people quickly and work to address vulnerabilities. They  focus on the parent as well as keeping the safety and development of the child at the forefront.

They provide incredible practical and housing  support that can minimise stressors in young people’s lives.  Because of all these factors  they are  truly able to facilitate change for people that may have been stuck in cycles of social disadvantage. I feel that in some cases,  Launch pad’s extensive case management would have been a key factor in these young families with Community Services involvement staying together.