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Partnership - Sydney Youth Homelessness Hub between Launchpad Youth Community, The Noffs Foundation and Weave Youth and Community Services

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Partnership - Sydney Youth Homelessness Hub between Launchpad Youth Community, The Noffs Foundation and Weave Youth and Community Services

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The Inner City Youth Homelessness Hub is a partnership between Launchpad Youth Community, the Ted Noffs Foundation and Weave Youth and Community Services. In this partnership Launchpad is the Lead Agent with contractual and reporting obligations to FACS.
These services work together to meet the requirements of the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) funded Inner City Youth Homelessness Service Package which aims to prevent and reduce homelessness and its impacts on young people in inner city Sydney. The package stipulates clear deliverables including the adoption of service practice guidelines that include a client centred approach and positive outcomes for clients by target group and case mix (low, medium and high need clients).
There are 6 FTE Case Managers and two Counsellors employed through the three consortium agencies and funding has recently been provided to fund a full time assertive outreach worker based at the lead agency. This worker outreaches to identified hot spots in the COS LGA to engage street based young people in partnership with the City of Sydney and FACS.
One of the strengths of the partnership is the brokerage program that assisted 480 young people with brokerage funds used for the provision of such goods/services ranging from food vouchers to establishing households, and to cover the costs of vocational and educational training. These funds are distributed via our partnerships with 23 other city based youth, health and homelessness services.
The Sydney Youth Homelessness Hub continues to strengthen through our shared brokerage model and the regular Brokerage and Coordination group meetings. We also actively participate in a number of forums such as the COS Youth Interagency, the COS Homelessness Interagency and a number of District Homelessness Implementation Group (DHIG) meetings.

What outcomes were delivered as a result of this partnership?

The Sydney Youth Homelessness Hub program is for young people who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness in the City of Sydney LGA. In some cases this may include young people who are transient but with an association to the inner city. The consortium is contracted by FACS to provide services to 570 young people per annum.
In 2016-17 there were seven hundred and forty three (743) young people who had current support period. Four hundred and thirty four (434) of these clients were new to the service, three hundred and nine (309) had also received supports in the previous financial year. Over forty percent of the Sydney Youth Homelessness Hub clients are from an Aboriginal background. This indicates a high level of cultural competence and an ability to cultivate networks in the Aboriginal community.
Additionally the program administers a Brokerage Fund accessed by 23 inner city agencies. 480 young people received supports through the fund in 2016-17. 126 of these applicants were assisted to exit homelessness in the period.
Through strong partnerships with Community Housing Providers the lead agency has also managed to acquire nomination rights to over 55 properties since 2015.

Reference statement:

Jacob McDonald

The partnership we have with Launchpad and the Sydney Youth Homelessness Hub is extremely valuable in assisting us to reduce the risk of homelessness for LGBTIQ young people in Sydney. Many of the young people we work with at Twenty10 have challenging relationships with their family and therefore have limited access to financial support. The brokerage program has provided essential resources for these young people to create stable home environments where they can feel safe to be themselves and have the opportunity to flourish.
The Brokerage and Coordination meetings are also a valuable opportunity to work with a range of services and to develop co-case managed arrangements.
Launchpad as the lead also do an excellent job of managing tenancies and many of our young people have accessed housing through them.