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Program - Canterbury Bankstown Youth Services at Mission Australia

Excellence in Ending Homelessness - Young People Nominee

Program - Canterbury Bankstown Youth Services at Mission Australia

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CBYS support young people and young families between the ages of 16yrs old up to 25yrs old, which are homeless or at imminent risk of homelessness. Our purpose is to work collaboratively with the wider community and specialist services to provide young people with a comprehensive and holistic support to assist them in achieving real and long lasting change. Program’s bespoke care offer of A.A.C.E. – Accommodation, Adolescent family counselling, Case management, and Education support provides an effective client centred framework that contributes to preventing young people becoming homeless and keeping young people in secure long term housing. CBYS recognises that each young person is unique and through no wrong door policy approach provides tailor made, flexible support to suite young people individual needs.

CBYS amalgamation with Mission Australia’s Early Intervention and Prevention Program, Bankstown provides an opportunity to start working on preventing youth homelessness at an early stage by supporting young people aged 12 to 17 years old and their families. CBYS also provides Intervention and Prevention through education and vocational workshops at the crisis houses, as well as outreach drop in specific programs from our service hub located at the Belmore Youth Resource Centre. CBYS manages to offer an average of 1,000 service supports to young people at-risk of homelessness or experiencing homelessness and houses up to 280 young people through our crisis, and transition accommodation annually. Rapid rehousing is provided through our partnership with Young Women’s Christian Association.
CBYS offers several entry points for young people to refer to our service, from our four offices and hot desk sites located in Bankstown, Campsie, and Belmore and through extended partnerships, excellent networks and collaborations with specialist agencies and local services to provide coordinated care and address key issues such as Drugs and Alcohol, Mental Health, Families and Cultural barriers.

What outcomes were delivered as a result of this program?

As a result of the program delivered and support provided 80%of the young people who came through CBYS accommodation have improved their living skills, 45% moved into longer term accommodation ranging from transitional to private rental, around 30% found employment and/or enrolled into a study or training. In addition in the last year 4 of the young people who stayed in our crisis accommodation have completed their HSC and were offered a university placement.
The intervention and prevention programs such as “Get Connected”, “Love Bites” and the after school program “ Level Up” delivered school students across Canterbury and Bankstown see disengaged students improving their attendance and behaviour, continued into year 11 and 12, completing HSC, reduce or stop alcohol or drugs use.
Other achievements CBYS prides on are the number of successful family restorations as a result of intensive Adolescent and Family Counselling intervention.

Reference statement:

Beverley Aufai

CBYS offers one stop shop for young people and young families. They provide consistent case management that is in line with the outcomes achieved with the young people.

Through excellent network, CBYS works collaboratively with local specialist services to form strong partnership and provide individualised tailor made support to young people.