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Program - To The Core at Street University, CORE Community Services

Excellence in Ending Homelessness - Young People Nominee

Program - To The Core at Street University, CORE Community Services

Please give your reasons for nominating this program.

'To the CORE' street art & Mural project was initiated with street university in Liverpool to provide a 12 week course that provide clients with the opportunity to learn art techniques to design and paint a mural at Nagle Street and to then design and print T Shirts through 'street universities' professional t-shirt design and print shop.
This project is a unique opportunity for Street University and Core Community Group to develop its partnership for the benefit of the young people. It is proposed that the young people from Community Core Group will be participating in a creative arts design development program through the teachings from the Street Uni Clothing business enterprise. Each participant will learn to design, produce and sell their merchandise to learn ways to generate income through entrepreneurship. This will include a complete art mural at the Core Community Group centre in Livepool.

What outcomes were delivered as a result of this program?

Outcome Measurements:
1. Number of clients who attend and participate in the course
2. Number of clients submit their art designs for production
3. Number of quality custom tee shirts produced
4. Number of sales of custom tee shirts
5. Forms of media coverage for advertising and marketing 

During the twelve week program we have been successful in engaging 10 young people referred to our transitional housing(SHS) Upfront program  into this program.

Many of the clients in our program are highly disadvantaged and suffer from mental illness, intellectual disabilities and other debilitating barriers.

Through this program we were able to encourage these clients to attend our facility at Nagle Street and engage more closely with our case managers. As a result of this increased level of engagement, we were able to address various issues raised by our clients in a relaxed environment and provide support for these clients.

As the clients were also attending street university as part of this program, we were able to refer clients their WDO program through referrals to their resident counselor.

We believe that this program has helped to raise the self-esteem of our clients and provided the inspiration for clients to pursue a career in design.

Reference statement:

Alana Hood

The "To the CORE" program has proved immensely engaging for the young people who are apart of the Upfront Youth Program. "To the CORE" has provided a unique platform for young people to connect with others through the therapeutic use of art. The safe space that has been created through this program has allowed for these young people to gain support from others with similar lived experiences, and has opened the lines of communication between client's and case managers through this informal forum. There is certainly a sense of belonging for attendees of this program, regardless of circumstances or ability. The representatives at The Street University have a very real and down-to-earth way of connecting with each young person, and validating their experiences and journeys. They provide guidance in support in relation to art, as well as in everyday life. As a whole, this program has provided an outlet and a means of connection for young people, which makes it extremely worthwhile for this population. The program really effectively uses art as a vehicle of expression and sharing with others