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Grace Ivy Rullis from Haymarket Foundation and SWHA

Leading Practitioner Award Nominee

Grace Ivy Rullis from Haymarket Foundation and SWHA

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Grace has been an innovative leader, managing a 24 hour SHS crisis service, 2 GHSH programs and a HIV health stabilisation unit. Her passion and dedication for working and achieving outcomes for this challenging and complex cohort has built the reputation of the Haymarket Foundation and she has led by example in terms of adaptive and innovative practice. Through industry changes she has remained steadfast in her management of staff and been a consistent innovator of practice. Grace spear headed the Trauma informed implementation project in 2015 and this work continues today. Grace has also chaired the Sydney Women’s homelessness Alliance since 2014 leading the strategic direction with these projects;
Transgender women forum
Modern slavery forum
Older women homelessness research project
Community of practice
Staff exchange program
These projects have been evaluated by the forum and project participants (SWHA project worker has the evaluations on file)
The T.I.C implementation plan had a pre and post evaluation. The implementation plan can be found - Haymarket Foundation and DR Suzie Hudson (Nada director and private consultant)
Grace is a fearless and exceptional leader.

What outcomes were delivered as a result of this person?

SWHA Transgender women’s forum

·         SHS and other organisations have removed cause 126A exemption under the anti-discrimination Act (opening access to transgender women)

·         Services have increased their knowledge and improved there polices around discrimination and access and equity of transgender women, since the forum.

·         Grace spoke at a DV NSW conference on advocating on the inclusion of transgender women into DFV services.

SWHA older women’s project

·         Research findings launched on international women’s day 2017

·         Research been disseminated and adopted  through government and non-government organisations

·         Findings from the project supported the implementation of an over 55’s women’s housing project

·         SWHA representatives spoke at the National Housing conference on the research finding in 2017

Trauma informed care implementation project

·         Revised T.I.C intake and assessment procedures

·         T.I.C Welcome pack implemented for clients entering the services

·         Delta therapy dog working with Haymarket Foundation staff and clients

·         Grace spoke on SBS on unaddressed trauma – Struggle street 2017

·         Revision of Haymarket polices to include T.I.C as an overarching ideology (2017- ongoing)

Modern slavery forum

·         On feedback surveys , participants agreed they had significantly gained knowledge on modern slavery in Australia

·         SHS and government organisation given resources on organisational interventions.

·         HIV Integrated Care program 2016 innovation NSW Health finalist

Reference statement:

Sylviane Vincent, The Bobby Goldsmith Foundation

Grace has single handily shaped and embedded The Haymarket Foundation homeless services with the support of her team. With Dedication and a fierce passion she leads unique and innovative programs.
Grace has tailored service provision to a challenging cohort through an evidence base and advocates on a macro levels whilst understanding and reviewing practice continuously. She is a true leader within the industry. Grace reputation is outstanding in the wider service network and he work with SWHA is demonstrates her strong leadership skills.

The evaluation the HIV/AOD Integrated Health program,  the Trauma informed implement project and Grace SWHA leadership all demonstrate her achievements.