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Assertive outeach to rough sleepers

Assertive Outreach Guidelines:

The assertive outreach practice guidelines provide a framework for Specialist Homelessness Services (SHS) to effectively deliver assertive outreach to people who are sleeping rough in NSW. The methodology used to develop these guidelines included a literature review of international and national practice models, consultations with assertive outreach practitioners and peer workers with lived experience of rough sleeping. The consultations were undertaken by interviewing service providers and conducting two workshops to explore assertive outreach practice issues.

The SHS Assertive Outreach Good Practice Guidelines are designed to provide direction to Specialist Homeless Services on the fundamental management and operational aspects for effective delivery of assertive outreach services to rough sleepers.

The SHS Assertive Outreach Resource Manual providing explanatory notes on operational models, a framework for policies and procedures and a literature review on international and national responses relative to assertive outreach and people who are sleeping rough.

Webinar training:

Training webinar 1 'Applying the Assertive Outreach Guidelines to Service'

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Training webinar 2 'Taking a shared approach to tackling rough sleeping'